Women and Agency: Transnational Perspectives, c.1450-1790

Chair: Dr Nadia Cattoni, University of Lausanne
Professor Bernadette Andrea, University of California, Santa Barbara
Professor Suraiya Faroqhi, Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul
Professor Ros Smith, Australian National University, Canberra

This roundtable closed the two-day virtual symposium, Women and Agency: Transnational Perspectives, c.1450-1790, which invited scholars to consider anew questions such as, what did a woman’s agency at this time look like and how was it expressed in different spaces and mediums? How does situating women in an international network alter our reading of female-authored texts and/or representations of women? In what ways did both men and women conceive of women’s place on the global stage and does this conception allow us to complicate our own understandings of agency today?

Please see below for a selected bibliography kindly provided by Professor Bernadette Andrea:

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